In ‘Blåvand’ situated at the beautiful Jutland moor this fantastic pearl of a summer
home is located. With luxurious wellness facilities and built with an attention to
details, there is an ample opportunity to relax.

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Nordkrogen 12 / a pearl in the Danish nature

At the address Nordkrogen 12, you will find a 276 square meters pure luxury carried out in an outspoken design and décor. In the house things greatly appreciated by many connoisseurs are emphasized. That is, wellness, entertainment and gastronomy. The house is packed with opportunities for wellness and electronics - in short entertainment is guaranteed.

In the wellness section, there is a 30 cubic meters beautiful pool made in crystal blue glass mosaic materials. Moreover, you will find a steam bath in glass mosaic with music, seat heating, a starry sky ceiling, shower and an aromatic fragrance system. The sauna is made of combined Asp & Mahogany woods performed in 2 levels. A still water spa always hot and ready for your nice hot tub bath is floating 3 feet above the pool.

The Fitness section with glass walls adjacent to the pool area is tempered by the air condition in order to adjust the air temperature to your jogging exercise. Furthermore you will find fitness equipment from Technogym in the form of cross trainer 2 x bike trainers and treadmills. All machines stem from the Technogym Exite professional series, which is also used in professional gyms.

Kitchen and living rooms are equipped with all conceivable items. There are 6 attractive rooms all with smart TV connected to the Internet and with access to movies and entertainment 7/24. At the living rooms long table one sits directly confronted with the Danish countryside where wild games like fallow deer, roe deer and red deer are daily visitors to a small feeding place.

Experience the House!/ room by room

Upon arrival you will face a bright and inviting hall.

Entering through the hallway you will without doubt get the impression that nothing is left to chance. From the hall you can see through the whole house, from the wellness area to the rooms and the beautiful gallery walks with panoramic glass from floor to ceiling, lined up in a nice arch. On the other side of the glass house there is a 150 square meters large terrace with all kinds of outdoor facilities.

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Large and open kitchen-dining area

The kitchen is the center for the gastronomic experience. Here, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the topmost chef in you. Or simply stand up and enjoy a glass of champagne or a glass of wine at the kitchen bar. The kitchen contains all conceivable equipment like a micro oven, 2 x ovens, 2 x refrigerators with freezer, 2 x dishwashers, 5 hobs and a wine fridge with app. 25 bottles of wine. And last and not least you will find, lots of closet space and plenty of service and wine glasses.

In addition, you will find a living room and a beautiful and stylish lighting recreation room with a long table with room for 12 people. There is a sofa area with a 55" Smart TV and a music system connected to the Internet with movies and all sorts of music 24 hours a day. There is a HDMI connectivity for those who for instance a have Play station device or similar.

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Pool and Wellness area

The house's absolute best experience is available in the wellness area. This applies only if you do not like going in to the pool. The pool has as mentioned above an absolutely beautiful stained glass mosaic, with overflow and running water. The spa is raised 3 feet above the pool, with constant hot water and a view of the Danish countryside. There is a large steam cabin with seat heating, music, stars and spiced up with fragrances. The Sauna is built in Aspen and Mahogany, with music and it is built up in 2 levels. There is also a pool bar with 4 bar stools and 2 refrigerators built to keep the champagne cold. This entire wellness setup is the perfect setup to enjoy life.

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Fitness area

After all the good food and the drinks and the many hours of relaxing in the wellness room, the steam bath, the sauna, the pool and the spa, it is time to move a little. The fitness room makes it possible to burn ingested calories. There are 2 exercise bikes with touch screens. Moreover you will find a cross trainer and a treadmill. Everything is professional equipment from Tecnogym known from exercise centers. There are attached a bath and a toilet to the gym and there is direct access to the porch from the gym.

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Large and Sunny Porch

Here you will find a 150 square meters porch where the 30 square meters are covered. The porch is made of a composite material, which is placed in herring bone patterns. Ram planks are of course pointing towards the housing center. On the porch, there are granite garden tables, with room for up to 12 people, 2 lounge chairs, a sun umbrella, an outdoor kitchen with built in grill, stoves and a sink with running water. The porch has a view directly to the south, and there is direct access to the pool area from the porch. Just in front of the porch a large play set with swings and sandbox has been built. It is a perfect place for a glass of ice cold champagne in the Danish summer heat.

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The Master bedroom

Standing in this room and looking through the glass cone you will not doubt that this is the house's center. All room walls are formed from the center, so that all walls in the north and south direction point towards the center plus all east and west walls are formed with a radius from this focal point. The room itself is bright and beautiful and has a private bath with multi-room music, and a Smart 46" TV. Here, a little more attention is paid to details than seen in anyone of the other 5 rooms in the house. The master bedroom has its own large suite bath room made in pure glass mosaic with shower and toilet. The entire room is illuminated by a dimmable starry sky. In this room you can stay in bed and look up at the Milky Way, and the countless gorgeous stars.

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